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fashion lab twin screw extruder sale

- Jul 29, 2022 -

fashion lab twin screw extruder sale

Make extrusion easy with Alibaba"s wholesale plastic manufacturing catalog. Plastic extruders are machine tools that allow you to melt plastic pellets or other input materials and then reform them into useful products or sheets. lab twin screws extruder will be especially useful in sectors that rely on processing recycled plastics, allowing companies to close loops in their production cycle. That way, you can make manufacturing more efficient. The versatility of the extrusion process also allows you to achieve excellent results when creating plastic products.

Plastic extruders come in varying types, and you can sort through every style with Alibaba"s search engine. Many lab twin screws extruder are tailored for use in pipe production, and you can set them to create whatever specifications of pipe work for you. When picking a pipe making machine, check that it can handle the plastic materials you use, and compare output rates to make sure it has the production capacity required. Alternatively, you could opt for a blow film extruder to create plastic sheets and films - a good option in the food packaging industry. And there are other specialist extruders for lab use that are smaller and more adaptable.

If you need lab twin screws extruder, the options will usually fall into either single screw or double screw categories. Generally speaking, double screw lab twin screws extruder will be more efficient and faster to use, as the inclusion of two screws effectively doubles production capacity. But the cost of these plastic extruders is higher and if your production needs are more modest a single screw version will be fine. All styles can be found at wholesale prices by searching at Alibaba.com - the ideal place to equip a plastics processing plant.

fashion lab twin screw extruder sale

110 Kw Main Motor(147.5 Hp) With AC Drive, 500 RPM Screw Speed, Has Clampshell Style Barrel Opening, 11 Temp Zone,1 Die Zone, 1 Pressure Readout 2.2Kw Material Feeder,

Used 62mm Maplan Counter Rotating, Conical Twin Screw Extruder, Model DSK 62, 40 HP Marathon AC Motor(Does Not Include AC Drive), No Cooling On Barrel, No Vacuum Pump

Used 62mm Maplan Counter Rotating, Conical Twin Screw Extruder, Model DSK 62, 50 HP Baldor/Reliance AC Inverter Duty Motor. Yaskawa A1000 AC Inverter Drive, 4 Barrel Heat Zones, 3 Air Cooling Zones, Vented Barrel...

34mm Leistritz Counter Rotating Twin Screw Extruder, Model LSM30/34 Twin Screw Extruder, 30:1 L/D Ratio, Twin Screw Extruder, 15 HP DC Motor With Control Techniques Drive, 7 Barrel Zones, 2 Die Zones, Air Cooled,...

fashion lab twin screw extruder sale

Requiring only a small amount of material to conduct experiments, lab scale size extruders allow you to conduct numerous trials efficiently, cost effectively, all while conserving precious laboratory space.

The Process 16 extruder is a modular lab-scale extrusion system with a wide range of options and accessories to exactly meet your processing requirements. Enabling fast and reliable material development for advanced materials, polymer or food.

Twin-screw extrusion (TSE) is the standard for mixing and compounding in polymer processing and has expanded into other applications for new material development. TSE offers a high level of process flexibility, more control of process parameters, and can produce a wider range of products. Being a continuous mixing process where a base matrix and multiple additives are transformed into a new compound, TSE has benefits for multiple products beyond traditional polymer processing such as:

Process small amount of raw materials:If a process requires a small amount of raw materials or if there is concern that a material may degrade due to a long residence time, a screw length reduction kit is available.

The range of available solid and liquid feeder choices offers almost infinite options to introduce materials with different flow behaviors into the extruder.

Metering solid and liquid materials into the extruder can be achieved via the six barrel ports on the top of the extruder or via one of the side feeding options that are available with the Process 16 and TSE 24 instruments.

For chemically aggressive materials, steel and coating options for screw and barrel are available. Processing of corrosive, abrasive materials and reactive extrusion is possible.

The Process 11 and Process 16 extruders are available in hygienic versions in which all product-contact-parts are constructed of stainless steel. A hygienic model is recommended when working with aqueous materials such as HMMA (high-moisture meat analogues) and TVP (texturized vegetable protein) materials.

Look inside:The horzontal split barrel can be opened for easy cleaning and process inspection on all lab scale size extruder models. Access the inside by either removing the horizontal split barrel top from the Process 11 and Process 16 extruders or simply open the hinged top on the 24 mm instrument.

Automatic recognition and feeder control:The extruder and all connected feeders are controlled via the integrated and clearly structured touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI). When a feeder is connected to the extruder it is automatically recognized and depicted as an icon on the touchscreen. All relevant setup and control parameters are accessible from the extruder HMI and no additional control-box is required. Simply click on the feeder icon and go from here.

The compact stainless-steel monocoque housing of the Process 11 and Process 16 extruders enables fast and thorough cleaning to minimize downtime between experiments. It reduces also the number of visible cables and hoses and thus minimizes the risk of damage.

Lab scale twin-screw extruders offer flexible compounding configurations that can move you from small batches in lab scale production to pilot-scale production.

Pilot-scale extruders are an excellent choice for small batch production, when working with specialty formulations, or small quantities of expensive materials and additives.Achieve up to 50 kg/h throughput for small scale manufacturing. Optimize your process parameters under real life conditions

Free volume is related to the ratio of the outer and inner screw diameters (do/di). The image below depicts the difference in free volume for a constant screw diameter when (do/di) is changed. The comparatively small change from 1.50 to 1.73 shows a significant reduction in available space between the twin-screws (light grey area) were the material must travel in order to be processed and is important to be able to process low bulk-materials e.g. fibers at lab scale.

To ensure all material enters the extruder in a laboratory and pilot plant environment, Thermo Scientific Twin-Screw Extruders employ a high-free volume approach (do/di = 1.73 with the Process 16 extruder) with appropriate specific torque to generate the necessary throughput.

fashion lab twin screw extruder sale

KTE-20 lab twin screw extruder is designed for lab use, it has same function like big extruder, you can make sample testing use this extruder. We also can provide lab injection molding machine, lab blow film machine, two roll mill, lab hydraulic press etc.

fashion lab twin screw extruder sale

Custom manufacturer of screw conveyors & augers for bulk material handling applications. Conveyors include classifier, feeder, metering, live bottom, high temperature, cooling and heating jacketed, tapered outer diameter, variable pitch, ice handling, auger, bucket, grain elevator, portable, ribbon, stainless steel, trough, vertical, chain and drag flight, troughed idler, slider and roller bed, belt, shaftless, leveling, mixer, paddle, dewatering, sandwasher and bag house conveyors. Screws, screw conveyor drives, feeders, and flights also available. Capabilities include designing, machining to close tolerances, fabricating, forming, and TIG, MIG and subarc welding. Conveyors and conveyor components suitable for seed and grain, chemical, sawmill, mining, feed mills, fertilizer and cogeneration plants, waste water treatment, pulp and paper, sand, gravel, asphalt & food processing industries.

fashion lab twin screw extruder sale

Screw Size – The Screw is the heart of the extruder. It is measured in outside diameter most extruders are between .75”-10”. The most popular sizes are 1.5”, 2.5”, 3.5” 4.5 and 6”. The effective length of the extruders typically 24-36 L/D although can be shorter or longer for specialized applications. The L/D of a single screw extruder is the ratio of the length over the diameter.

Motor and Gearbox – Extruders are variable speed with either an AC motor or DC motor. DC motors have been the longstanding standard for years, however AC motors are becoming more and more popular with plastic processing. These motors can be direct driven or belt driven to gear reducers. It is important to be aware of the gearbox reduction on the single screw extruders to maintain proper screw output speeds for your material.

Barrel Cooling – Extruders will can be equipped with Air cooling or water cooling. Air cooling which is done with fans in in general less difficult to use. Water cooling is a more effective then air cooling, however tends to require more maintenance and in general more difficult to maintain.

Centerline Height – The height of the center of the screw to the floor. Typical height is 42.5”. Higher could be called Highboy Extruder, lower would be called Low Boy Extruder

Screw Design – There are many different variations of extruder screws. Conventional single stage screws have a constant pitch. Two stage screws are used for venting. Screws also can have various forms of mixing for specific applications.

Above is a very brief description of the components of a single screw extruder. Please feel free to contact and Arlington Machinery salesman to help find a used extruder that will fit your application.

fashion lab twin screw extruder sale

Brabender® laboratory stand-alone extruders, available in 19mm or 30mm versions, are directly driven multi-purpose machines for testing and processing polymers as well as materials of the e.g. food-, building-, and pharmaceutical industries.

fashion lab twin screw extruder sale

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